Courage & Not Reading {Confessions}

Mid-week scramble. I've got a bagillion-and-one things to do and about -10 hours to do it in. But I also haven't shown my face on this blog in a few days. Unacceptable. With that, I'll confess a few things because why not?

++ I legit rolled out of my bed yesterday. Leg day will do it to ya.

++ I am certifiably obsessed with The 100. It's a CW show about kids from space that get dropped to the ground to see if Earth is inhabitable. Basically, it's Lost with teenagers. And it's addicting. I've watched all of Season 1 and damn near half of Season 2 in the past 4 days. Send help soon...

++ There are a few projects I've been working on that are quite scary. And it's really strange to admit that fact - that I'm a little scared, because I'm normally not afraid of much. This quote has been the mantra for weeks now.

++ Above-mentioned projects would be why I've been kinda absent on this blog. It's been consuming almost every free moment, but that's okay for now.

++ I haven't finished a book in 3 weeks, which feels really weird when I read like crazy for the first two months of 2015.

++ After finally reading Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky, I saw the movie. I cried pretty much the whole way through. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. Instant favorite. And now I love Emma Watson even more.

++ Speaking of book-to-movie adaptations, I'm really excited for Insurgent to premiere this weekend, despite the fact that I totally don't recognize it from the trailer. And weirdly enough, what's bothering me most is that Tris' hair is too short. LOL priorities.

++ But what's most exciting about Friday is that Skylights Magazine is launching!! I'm excited and nervous and freaking out all at once, and I'm not sure whether I wish it were here already or that I had more time. Regardless, you can sign up for a one time notification of the launch right here! >> WWW.SKYLIGHTSMAGAZINE.COM!


In my quest to figure out my internet stuffs (my brand if you will), I've kind of missed confessing my little heart out. Perhaps, confession posts are here to stay, at least occasionally. Hmm...

*Note: I should be tuning back into the blog world very shortly and of course, reading posts and joining conversations again. Special thanks to all of you who keep checking my blog even though I've had like zero time to reciprocate the love. You the real MVP <3