April's Monthly Goals

I probably should have done this post a week ago, but alas, I had no idea I even wanted to do such a post until like two days ago, when I saw it on other blogs (one being The Drea Daily). Eeep! Still, it's only a week in and it's always a good time to set new goals. Right? Right.

+ Lose some real weight - I know, I know. Fitness is about the way you feel, the confidence in wearing your clothes, the health of your body. And I'm not diminishing any of that. But truly, I need to lose some el beessss. Point, blank, period.

+ Read Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky - It's pretty heavy stuff, but I've been wanting to pick it up again for a while now. I read portions of it years ago for a presentation in law school, but as those were more stressful times, I want to read it in its entirety now. It's dense but it really isn't that long. And if I can read upteen books about shadowhunters, assassins and mal-adjusted teenagers, I can find time to read this.

+ Complete a few projects - One of my biggest bad habits as a kid was being a dreamer not a doer. I'd think up all these bright ideas and embark on new things and then somewhere in the middle I'd lose steam. As I've grown older, this has changed, but recently, I feel like I'm five again, getting all excited about my shiny new toy at the store and then forgetting where I've stashed it.

+ Finish the first draft of my novel - Considering that April is Camp NaNoWriMo and I'm suppose to be participating in Camp NaNo, this should be a given, but it's 10 days in and I have yet to write a single word, so... clearly, it needs to be said. My original deadline for D1 was the new year, which clearly has been pushed back multiple times. But if I have any chance of meeting my own self-imposed "done" date, I need to be through D2 by the end of June :\

Comment on blogs - I'm sure you've noticed, but for the past month or so, I've been complete shit at commenting on other people's blogs. Everyday I set out with the goal in mind and then I get stuck doing other things and I'm falling asleep vowing to do it tomorrow. I still love you all, I swear!

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