March Favorites

Long, long ago, I decided against writing friday favorites posts every week because it felt like cheating. But honestly, I miss babbling about the things I really love. So I thought, "let's take a page from YouTube and do monthly favorites." Why, yes. Wonderful idea, inner goddess (LOL at that 50 Shades shout-out. Bleh).

Beauty Product: Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser

I have to admit that I'd been neglecting my skin for a while. Or at least I wasn't treating it well. I'd run out of my Purity cleanser and thought "I don't need to repurchase it. I'll just use that cheap-o one/sample right over here." Lies! My skin just wasn't feeling the same, and by mid-month I needed to get to Sephora. Hey, holy grail products are holy grail for a reason, right?

Moment: Exploring TSQ

Well, you guys already know about Skylights, as I've mentioned it to no end this past month. I'd say the launching of that was definitely my favorite moment of the month. Specifically, exploring Times Square at night for an NYC v. LA post. I forget how spectacular that area can be because I spend so much time trying to avoid the crowds up there, so it was nice to reconnect again.

Book & Movie: Perks of Being A Wallflower

If you saw any of my posts this month, you knew this was coming! I'd normally have a favorite book and a favorite movie, but both the Perks novel and the movie adaptation were so phenomenal it takes over both categories. Sorry, not sorry. It's amazing!

Ps: book review should be coming soon.

Song: Elastic Heart by Sia

If it were a record, I would've broken it two weeks ago. Seriously, I play it constantly and sing it at random intervals throughout the day. Anything Sia makes is pretty much an insta-love for me, but I really love the message of the song. It's kinda sad, but also so empowering! It's also inspiration for a scene in a novel I'm not suppose to be writing because I haven't finished Omission yet. Whoops!

Treat: Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins

This is not my picture of the milk chocolate covered raisins, for if it were, it would be a photo of an empty carton. They are long gone, having purchased them almost a week ago, and tasty things do not last very long in this apartment. Kinda not-so-bad-for-you treat like these have been my go-to recently. It makes me feel better about #beastmode not being a soaring success. 

Celebrity: Shaliene Woodley

Maybe it's because I just saw Insurgent a few days ago (which was a good movie, totally different than the book as expected, but still pretty good) or because she's been all over the media for movie promotion, but anything with her name attached to it immediately gets my attention. Like J Law, I just love how she stays out of the limelight as much as possible and doesn't "do" social media. I think it makes me want to know more about her. Plus, she has a deep, husky voice that I wish was mine and gorgeous expressive eyes that I also wish were mine.

Laugh: Subaru Legacy Commercial

Every single time I see this commercial I cry from laughter, partly because it's funny but mostly because it's so damn cute! When he yells back "I'm five!", the tears are real, guys.

Now off to visit all of your blogs and see what you've been talking about recently. With everything happening recently, I've been kinda crap at that. Eeeep!