The eleventh day of NaNoWriMo says I should have 18,333 words by tonight and I'm currently sitting not-so-pretty at 14,100 words. I mean, hell, it's 14K! But it's also 4,000+ behind so I'm also currently stressed out. And I thought why don't I do a "currently" update post as I haven't done one in a while, and quite frankly, I don't have the brain power to put together anything better. Oh, look... What a run-on sentence I've written. Told you. Mentally, it ain't there today folks. 

What I'm currently...


My NaNoWriMo novel, Letters of Love & Treachery, as you well know. 


As of this moment (Wednesday morning), I'm trying to decide whether to start Winter by Marissa Meyer which just came out yesterday (eee!) or Carry On by Rainbow Rowell because I've been wanting to read it sooooo bad. All kinds of excites!


Why I can't seem to keep a clean apartment. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I'm twenty-seven or just seven. If you walked into my apartment right now you'd wonder if you'd walked into a strike zone or if somehow a natural disaster that evaded your notice had only hit my apartment overnight. You'd also wonder if there was a clean drinking glass anywhere in the place. And the answer would be "no, no there is not."

Listening to

Aside from my NaNo playlist... a lot of Copeland because the Ixora is just a gorgeous album (and Ixora and Ixora Twin played in sync is an experience in and of itself). Specifically, this track: 


Episodes of the new cycle of America's Next Top Model. After all these years, I still can't quit youuuuu.   

Struggling with

World building. Omission may have a slight dystopian feel with hints of magical realism, but for the most part, the story is very much rooted in the current world. As a fantasy novel, Letters is set in a world where anything goes as long as it can be explained. So there's pressure to flesh out a cohesive world.


My new toaster. Is this a weird love? Oh well. Truth be told, I haven't owned a toaster in years. There just isn't enough room in my apartment for an appliance that I don't use that often (I'm not a toast person and almost anything you put in a toaster you can also put in the oven). But if you follow me on Snapchat (username: kay.peezy) then you may know that last weekend there was an epic search for Toaster's Strudel. So I finally caved and bought a toaster and now I'm toasting errythaaang. How did I live so long without this contraption?

Lusting after

All the Sephora things! Like this champagne highlighter or this Urban Decay palette or this lovely purple matte lipstick. Which is why you should do yourself a favor and enter the giveaway I'm cohost with a few lovely ladies for a $250 Sephora gift card. *Insert crazy eye emoji here* It ends tomorrow, so don't delay! Have I mentioned that Sephora's 20% sale is happening right now? 


Also, please forgive the strangeness going on with my comments. You can still leave a comment but I recently made "Oh For The Love Of Stories" my primary domain and Disqus has yet to import my old comments over. Or maybe I'm just an idiot (re: help me, kind reader!) 

Off to attempt the impossible (5K day say what?!). WriMoers, how was the first week of November for ya? Everyone else, same question :)