From Catepillars to Butterflies | Relaunch & Giveaway

When I wrote my painfully awkward introduction to my blog two years ago, I suffered through it by telling myself that it was a 'one-time necessary evil' kind of thing. So suffice to say that I didn't expect to end up back here writing yet another awkward introduction. Here's to hoping this is far less painful than the original... 

For a while, I struggled with trying to figure it all out - blogging, writing, "internet-ing" - and if you've been reading my blog you know all about that. How to marry all the things I loved and projects I wanted to undertake into a single, cohesive internet presence, or "brand" if you will. Every guide on branding gave the same tips: providing for others, finding your passion and your gifts and marrying the two.  

All of this advice is good advice, really. Just not for someone like me. I am passionate about a lot of things: storytelling, books & writing, music, traveling, learning - the list goes on. But hell if I know what I'm actually gifted at. This advice put so much pressure on me to be an expert of sorts. But the truth is, I don't have to know everything. In fact, I don't have to know a damn thing about much at all. My strength lies in the musing, in my opinions fueled by, you guessed it, excitement and creativity and passion (I'm also pretty damn talkative). I realized, with the help of a few amazing friends, that in a lot of ways, my passion is passion in general. As a passionate person, I bask in the excitement of any and every moment, and soak up passion like a sponge to water. It's always my first requirement of new relationships and of myself. Just the word itself seems to light me on fire. (That sounded a little erotic, didn't it? Don't take it there ha!)

The idea of passion in and of itself is something I'm passionate about. 

So it follows that the best way to handle my corner of the internet is to talk creatively about things I'm passionate about :) Armed with this knowledge I decided to rebrand. As most of you have probably already noticed, you can still get here, to my blog, via the url "". However, it is now housed within "By Kari Parker". By Kari Parker is a rebrand that can encompass every part of my personality. The place where I can spew excitement all over the place until I've got nothing left. It's my hub. 

So take a look around! 

There is of course the blog, migrated over here via painstaking hours of dedication and reformatting. And on the blog side bar, you can find category links (each link representing things I either am or hope to be passionate about) and all the other normal "bloggy" things.

In the navigation bar above, you can find my virtual bookshelf, a collection of all the books I've read over the past few years, linking to reviews if I've written them. There's also a link to my fiction work and services for writing and design (more on that soon!). 

Just... poke around a bit. Let me know if you like the new diggs?

Was that as awkward as it felt? I tried. New beginnings, or reboots in this case, can be like that sometimes. But regardless, things evolve, which is both sad and very, very exciting. 



In honor of the relaunch, I'm giving away passion! Except since I can't really giveaway passion per se (at least I haven't figured that out quite yet), I'm giving away something I'm passionate about and something you can hopefully be passionate about too:  

  • A copy of My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick - because I'm passionate about books & because what would it be if I didn't give away a book? Especially one I raved about in last month's favorites.
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card - because really, I have no idea what you're passionate about, but YOU DO!

Entering to win is so simple.

Together with the relaunch, I'm launching "Passionately Yours", my newsletter about passion, things to get excited about and ways to be creative.

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And welcome to "By Kari". 

Awkwwaarrdddd... Whatever.