Literary Ladies

That's it right there. New news #1 of the relaunch of the book club.

Our new name is Literary Ladies

, because we liked the alliteration and well, it just sounds pretty. Plus, Kristen is a genius and suggested it. And there goes my next reveal :) New news #2 -

Kristen from See You At A Porridge is our new co-host!

Kristen and I have bonded over being book twins and our mutual love of Pride and Prejudice for months now, so bringing her in on the book club was a no-brainer. Had I met her earlier, she would've probably been included from the start!


With a new name and new co-host, naturally the next step is a new button, right? (Or in our case just a button in general as we didn't have an original one before.) So to round out the introductions >>

What is Literary Ladies Book Club and where can I learn more about it?

Literary Ladies is a book club for us blog gals who love to devour novels. As people who enjoy writing, it follows that our love of the literary must have sparked from somewhere and for most of us, that's reading. But Literary Ladies isn't just for bloggers or ladies only. It's open to literally anyone who wishes to read and discuss books. So if you're interested in joining a reading group or have something to say about our monthly book, welcome! 

At the bottom of my 'Bookshelf" page (linked in my navigation bar), you'll find a widget with information about the book club as well as the book we are currently reading. You can also check out our goodreads page for more information about past books, discussion questions and much more!

How can you join in?

Each month we will review the book we've selected, host a link-up for your reviews and announce the book for the following month. There will also be discussion boards up on Goodreads. All this is the same as before. But as of relaunch we are starting twitter chats using the hashtag "#literaryladies"! Kay and I always wanted to eventually branch into liveshows (which could still happen in the future), but we saw this as a middle ground. And we're really excited about it! 

Note: July's book will be announced on our blogs on June 17th. It will also be updated on the Goodreads page on that day as well. From then on, books will be announced within the review post for the previous book. 

Ok, so when's all this going down?

Well, our reviews and our link-up will post on the first Tuesday of each month. On the Thursday before reviews go up (ie. last Thursday of the month), we will be chatting about the book on twitter so we can talk all the spoilers and juicy details we can't include in our reviews! Of course, we'll remind you with exact dates each month :) 

Any other cool new things I should know about?

So glad you asked (even though you sorta didn't)! Along with this relaunch, Kristen, Kay and I have decided to launch a summer reading challenge!

literary ladies summer reading challenge!

All 3 of us have participated in a book challenge at least a few times and Kristen has won like a bagillion so we know both how fun and sometimes how difficult they can be. So we thought that running one during the course of the summer would up the fun factor and decrease the difficulty - hopefully :) I've listed all the rules and  categories below. 


  1. The Literary Ladies book challenge will run from June 21, 2015 until September 21, 2015. Only books read during that time will count. 
  2. There are 10 categories to be completed. Once you complete all 10, reading all of the books necessary to satisfy each category, you have won.
  3. You are allowed 2 rereads for this challenge in order to be considered the prizes. 
  4. Switching around books from your preliminary list is fine, but you can only use a book once to satisfy one category. 
  5. All books must be 200 pages in length. If you are listening to your books, be sure that it complies accordingly. 
  6. The first 3 categories are mandatory. But if you do not like one or two of the other 7 categories you can skip it and replace it with one of our book club picks! You can do this twice.


Yes, this isn't just for your reading pleasure (although yes, that too!). You can actually win something! The first 3 winners will receive a prize. Winners must prove they have successfully completed the challenge by sharing a brief commentary of each book on either a blog post or in a Google form we will provide. Here's what you can win!

  • First Place: $50 Amazon gift card + a surprise
  • Second Place: $25 Amazon gift card + a surprise
  • Third Place: $15 Amazon gift card + a surprise
  • Wildcard: Special Surprise! (This winner will not be chosen based on how quickly you finish. At the end of 3 months, anyone who has finished but has not placed, will be entered to win the wildcard prize. Around here, we celebrate just finishing the race!)

*Note: International readers are eligible to win prizes, however, prizes may be adjusted due to availability, convenience and shipping costs.

And now, finally, on to the categories!

Our preliminary lists will be up on June 21st with a link-up for your lists and "progress reports" will be posted on the 21st of July, August and September where you can link-up your progress of comment about it. 

Reminder, the book club annual giveaway is still happening! 

Are you going to join the Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge? Regardless, what do you plan to read this summer?