June Goals

May has treated me rather well. I accomplished a few things, dreamed up a few others. And then the weather lured me out often this month, if only for a walk, because such exciting things happen in the city in the warmth of spring. For real. I legit walked out in the "I seek scandal and low companionship" kinda mood. That was a joke there. About the lack of clothing worn in the city as soon as we get any kind of sunlight :\ Yeah, okay, monthly goals it is.


To recap, which I'm actually very excited to do considering I did much better this month:

  1. Write novel - not completed
  2. Read Notes from Underground - started, but not completed.
  3. Build the "I Feel Infinite Series" - completed.
  4. Keep losing weight - completed.
  5. Launch website - completed!
  6. Launch newsletter - completed!

Seriously, do you see that? What a turn around from last month! That's 4.5 out of 6 goals completed. I'm killing it. Well, mostly. We take our victories in any manner we can get them. So for this month:

+ More fit, less fat - I haven't weighed myself in a week, but last Friday I was down -8 pounds! After months of fitness insanity, I'm really happy with that progress. Late last month, I had a serious breakthrough regarding, well, everything. And I've dedicated June to really shaping up. For the past couple of days I've been making good on that, so I look forward the rest of the month.

+ Write that novel - Gah! Why can't I make any real progress on this?! I don't think I've touched the manuscript all May... The plan is to make small goals 

+ Explore the city - Last week, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and had one of the best nights I've had in a while. It was re-invigorating! So I want to spend this month seeing more of this gorgeous city I love calling home. It's always good to reconnect. 

+ Relaunch the Book Club - The book club celebrates it's first birthday this month (enter the giveaway here!), but during June, Kay, our new co-host and I will be planning the relaunch of our book club to include lots of new things. We've got a bit of work to do, but we're all so passionate about books that it's worth it.  

+ Read a lot more - I should probably amend that to add "stop rereading books because they can't count towards your Goodreads total". I'm like 12 books behind on my yearly goal (I've read like 11 of 50 so far) and I desperately want to hit it this year. I need to finish quite a few books over the next few months and I'm hoping June will get the ball rolling. It's weird. Either I'm reading like a maniac or not at all or reread old favorites because I like knowing I'm going to love a novel before I start it :)

+ Keep my apartment clean - Seriously. I'm adult. I should be able to do such things.

So what are your goals this month? How'd you do in May?