June Favorites + July Goals

You can blame Harry Potter for the delay and for the general lack of posts around here recently - I've been sucked into the magical world again and I. Can't. Stop. Reading. Send help! (Except not really. I'm perfectly alright.) 

It's basically mid-July already so the time for goal setting and monthly favorites has long past, but I didn't want to skip it all completely. I like documenting about goals because it makes me more likely to accomplish them, and I like being able to look back on my favorites as things I loved. So I figured I'd do a quick post about them both.

Monthly Favorites

Song(s): Ava by FAMY

The final scene of the Teen Wolf premiere last month (the heart-wrenching scene where Scott adds Alison's name to the Senior Scribe project) was complimented perfectly by this track. I mean, Teen Wolf usually has really great music but this song was such a perfect addition to that moment and I've been listening to it ever since. LOVE. These few lines, "My conscience burning, My eyes are too, Cuddled up with hard contempt, Does she love you? And, I swear I do", they about killed me. Real tears, guys. Real tears.

Scent: Salt Air by dementer

I have no doubt that this little roll on perfume oil is going to be a summer favorite for me for the entirety of the 3 months it is acceptable to wear it. It smells of the beach, the mixed scent of salt water and beach air nearly knocking you over as you walk along the boardwalk. And it is glorious :) 

Book: Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

I just. I loved this novel. It was real but also romantic, and both sad and exciting at the same time. It's about a high school girl with OCD who has friends she's grown out of ... I'm not explaining any of this right. I did much better in my review of it last month so check out my full review here! 

TV Show: Pretty Little Liars

It's back and just as mind-blowing as ever. After leaving us on a major cliff-hanger as always (Like wtf is Charles?!), PLL came back for it's summer installment this June and I'm loving it yet again. Really though, every season finale I complain that we're never gonna know who A is, yet every premiere I jump right back in to the insanity. PLL, why can't I quit you?

Monthly Goals

I didn't make much headway with last month's goals:

  1. Fitness - not completed. First 1/2 the month was great though!
  2. Write that novel - not completed. But read the entire MS (200+ pgs) so progress.
  3. Explore the city - started but not completed.
  4. Relaunch book club - YES. Check it out!
  5. Read more books - completed! Thank aforementioned HP kick for that one.
  6. Keep apartment clean - not completed.

Now for July (although it's like 1/2 over), some repeats and some newbies:

+ Get fit. For real, this is getting tired... 

+ Draft of my novel. June reconnected me with my dear MS, and although I've realized the story is much darker than I originally anticipated, I feel much more confident going forward. So July, be good to me & my baby, please? I'm looking to write a ton. Also, getting back on my IG prose series, I Feel Infinite, because damnnn.

+ Paperwork galore. I've got entirely too much paperwork to handle because I've put it all off far too long. Professional paperwork, personal paperwork, just all of it. I'm terrible at adult-ing. 

+ Book blogging. One look at my archives way back in September of 2013 (just 2 months after I started blogging) will reveal a love of stories and books. I've always known that books would play a large part in my blog because they play a large part in my life, but I didn't want to get stuck there. But, I can't deny that books is just where it's at, so I plan to blog at least 2x a week about bookish things in addition to plenty of other stuffs. Hopefully...

+ Monthly content from Skylights Magazine. For a few weeks, Mae and I struggled to find a system that works for us. When we began, we were treating Skylights like a blog, posting multiple times a week, because it's all we knew. But, you live, you learn. Although great to begin in blog format, magazine format (releasing all content once per month like a print magazine) suits our schedules and our potential audience much better. So this Wednesday, July 15th, we're kicking off with a mini-issue, and then a full Issue No.4 will be released on August 3rd. We'd love your support <3

Which of your goals have you met so far this month?