Literary Ladies Summer Reading Challenge Month #1

I have to admit it's kind of weird, hosting a check-in instead of checking-in to a reading challenge. It's like being invited into the teacher's lounge in school or listening in on your aunts' adult conversation at the kitchen table. Like "I'm totally not suppose to be here. Will they notice? Hehe". It's like I'm going to get caught and sent away - "hey you don't belong in here!" But I digress. I'll get over it :)

Regardless of how weird it is to be on this side of things, here I am, here we are, a month into the Literary Ladies Summer Reading Challenge and checking in with our progress. It will be short on my end considering I have not read many of the books. Eeep!

Now when I say I haven't read many of the books, I mean specifically those for the challenge. Because if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you are fully aware: Homegirl has been reading like mad, just all the wrong books. In the past month, I've read over 2,000 pages in the form of 5 Harry Potter novels and I regret nothing. I loved each of them as much as I did previously, maybe more so (especially true of HP5) and I've loved jumping into the Wizarding World. However, this is bad news for my book challenge as I've only read one book from my preliminary list. 

Now technically, the Harry Potter novels could satisfy several of the challenge categories - they're young adult, written by a non-US author, recommended by everyone, were made into movies, are full of suspense and are associated with summer as they were released years ago every summer - but somehow that feels like cheating. In all fairness, I've only read one challenge book, Yes Please by Amy Poehler, which I technically didn't even read. I listened to it via audiobook and even with the constant distractions that play into me "listening" to a book, I feel like this was a great choice. I will be reviewing Yes Please on Thursday of this week, so I won't say much now other than, I liked it. It was funny and unexpectedly insightful and worth the read. 

*Edit: I just realized that I read Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone last month and it could count for the YA category of this challenge, so for now, let's count it as two books read.

My Progress: 2 out of 10

Categories completed: YA book & book written by a comedian

How did you do this month? Hopefully better than me!

If you are participating in the Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge, link your update posts below. (Or alternatively, if you don't blog/don't want to: (1) fill out this form if you have finished the challenge, or (2) comment below with updates so far so we can add you in. You can also use Instagram to check-in using the #literaryladies). You can grab the button below to include in your post if you want!

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