Summer Bucket List (+ Playlist)

It's been approximately 78 years since I've created a seasonal bucket list. If I remember correctly, it was like last winter? Point is, I'm due for one. And I love listing things. And summer is like the perfect time to make and complete a bucket list because, hello, memories. 

Not all of them are "summer-themed" although most of them are, and I'm super excited to get started on completing them all. (If you scroll to the second part of this post, I've already checked one off!) I thought up so many items but only included 15 because limits and let's be real, sticking to bucket lists is kinda hard. Most times I get all excited about my list and then promptly forget about it until it's time to "check-in" and I've done nothing all season but stuff my face. I have a good feeling about this summer though. This summer feels like it's mine already. 

A lot of the items on this bucket list are things I wouldn't even think to do normally (draw on the sidewalk, ride a bike in the city), so I'm ready to be taken out of my comfort zone. And I'm already planning a trip to the museum and an afternoon in Central Park two things I haven't done in at least as many years. I say this time and time again, but I really want to experience this city I live in instead of just dwelling in it. It's strange because tons of people have been leaving Manhattan recently (seriously, it's like a mass exodus), and every time I hear about it I think "OMG, why would you ever leave this magical place?" But then when I'm brave enough to really consider my own life, I might as well leave the city if I'm not gonna use it, ya know? Like that whole "use it or lose it" saying? So, this summer above all, I aim to "use" New York City. 

Summer Belongs To U!

{my summer 2015 playlist}

Already checking something off the bucket list...

Music is king, especially during the summertime. I feel like summer inspires music and dancing and in the sunlight of longer days, we all love finding new songs to sing at the top of our lungs. When I think of summertime, I imagine driving fast down a winding road (or the Westside Highway!) with the volume up and the top down, so it's no surprise that making a playlist made my list. 

Usually I have a single song that signifies the season, a summer song if you will. But this year I've got a few, so I made a playlist. My favorites by far are: Tonight Belongs to U!, Lean On, One Last Time, and I Can Make You Feel Young Again.

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What are you listening to this summer?