Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

Today's theme for Top Ten Tuesday really feels like deja vu, doesn't it? At least half of these authors were also on my "authors I've read the most of" list last week. Yet, I still had fun compiling this list. Here are the authors who could literally write anything and I'd buy it:

JK Rowling

She's the Queen. "I'd read her grocery list." Need I say more? I think not. Moving along. 

Rainbow Rowell  

I've officially read all but one of her released novels (review of Eleanor and Park coming soon!). My cycle with Rainbow is never ending: start novel, love novel, try to absorb novel into my soul, finish novel and think about it constantly, slowly move onto other novels, wonder "I haven't read a Rainbow novel in a while. Why do I love her so much?", pick up another Rainbow novel, fall in love with novel after 1st chapter." It never fails and I will always love it <3


Cassandra Clare

I was kinda late on the Cassandra Clare bandwagon (think late 2013). But for what I lost in time, I make up for in intensity. I intensely love the Shadowhunter world that she has created. The world the characters, the incredible one-liners. I love it all, and I will continue to purchase all of her Shadowhunter novels so long as she continues to write them. 

Sarah Dessen

This is just one of sheer numbers. I've read 1/2 dozen of her novels and always, always enjoyed them. I know that if I'm looking for a novel with swoon-worthy characters and young girls learning to be strong, I can always go to Sarah Dessen. 

Sarah J Maas

I can't lie, part of the reason Sarah J Maas is an auto-buy for me is because are just SO DAMN GOOD. But also because I love her personality with I've come to experience because I follow her on twitter and tumblr. She's like the ultimate fangirl and she is as in love with her characters as we are. Knowing that, it makes me that much more confident in anything she releases. 

Alexandra Bracken

I've only read the first book in her triilogy, The Darkest Minds, but I cannot wait to finish the series because I really enjoyed it. Also, I think part of the reason I like Alex Bracken is because I've gotten to know her a person, like with Sarah Dessen, via her twitter. She's funny and sassy and such a Star Wars nerd that she's got a book in that world in the works. 

Marissa Meyer

Maybe it's because I'm such a huge fan of fairy tale retellings and it seems like that's kind of her thing... I don't know. But I know I love Marissa Meyer's ability to tell a compelling story. The thing about fairy tale retellings, they are usually super predictable because we know the story, we know the character's fate. However, Meyer's novels always have me guessing and it's the best. 



Benjamin Alire Sáenz  

Earlier in the summer, I reviewed Sáenz's novel, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and I cannot stop thinking about it. You can check out the review for all my fangirling over it, but the writing is just so rich and the characters so perfectly flawed (even the secondary ones or the ones you never "meet") that I'm convinced I'll love any of his other work - although I don't think he's published anything else. 

Stephanie Perkins

My love for Anna and the French Kiss is so strong that it spurs the love of Stephanie Perkins all on it's own. Between that novel and her short story in My True Love Gave To Me, I am so sure that I'll love anything she writes. 

Classic Authors  

I took this topic to mean "living authors". However, I found that I kept wanting to put older, classic ones on my list. So I compromised :) Authors I'd include in this category: Jane Austen, James Baldwin, Emily Bronte, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gaston Leroux, J.D Salinger. If I don't have a novel/short story/ anything that any of them have written, you can bet your life it's on my wish list or I'm angling to get it. In fact, Penguin has a collection of classics with these amazing gothic covers (See image to the left. I think they are Australian editions?) and I want to repurchase them all! 

Who are some of your auto-buy authors?