Autumn, A Bucket List

For someone who lives to make lists, it's odd that I haven't written out a seasonal bucket list since summer of last year. I mean, that may have something to do with my abysmal completion rate. Regardless, I'm choosing to be optimistic about this season's bucket list. Hell, I've already completed one of them and begun another.  

Not bad, right? Only 15 as opposed to the usual 25+ I put on my lists. I like my odds. Especially that "revise my novel" is well underway and "make a fall playlist"... done :)

Have you ever realized how much music affects things? Take movies for instance. The right choice of music can make a scene more poignant, more emotional. And in some of the unfortunate cases, a terrible song can ruin everything (greenhouse from the City of Bones movie I'm looking at you!). Music's magic ability to set the scene applies for seasons as well. Autumn's music is slower, darker, more somber and full of lots of indie, alternative rock, so basically my aesthetic. A few of my favorite tracks include: 'The One Who Got Away' by The Civil Wars <3, 'Puerto Cabezas' by Lewis Del Mar, 'Don't Kill The Messenger' by Night Riots. 

I should probably address the who name/domain change, right? But like, I've changed and addressed it so many times, it feels silly making it a thing. Last year, you know when I changed my name for like the third time, I wrote all about what my blog and platform would be and that hasn't changed. But KARI LIKE FERRARI is (1) much shorter than 'oh for the love of stories', (2) more playful than 'by kari parker', and (3) a rhyme for the pronunciation of my name. That's all I'll say about that for risk of boring any of you who are still reading :)

So, what's on your bucket list? Do you make a seasonal one or just yearly?