Gym Essentials

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I was searching for my perfect workout schedule, that is if such a thing even exists. So, in the spirit of kicking my butt further into gear and having some fun with pictures, I've created a collage of gym essentials, which includes items I simply need to workout as well as items in my gym bag.


Sneakers - These Nike Lunarglide 5 sneakers are like walking on clouds but with divine support beneath your wings. They put that bit of spring in your step when you need it most at the end of a grueling workout, and are great for any workout you choose.

2. Sports bra - Right now, I have 2 Nike sports bras just like this one, but I'm looking into different brands for better support. As a woman who has been blessed, I need all the support I can get, and I'm not sure that this is the penultimate. I'm thinking of adding a Victoria's Secret (p.s. VS has major coupons for the next few days!) or a Moving Comfort one to my collection. Any suggestions?

3. Tshirt/Tank - The tshirt pictured above is an Under Armour one, of which I have 3, and I also have a few Nike DriFit tees as well. I want that awesome tank above from this etsy shop, but otherwise I workout in tanks from Forever 21 or Victoria's Secret.

4. Yoga pants - I'm obsessed with Victoria's Secret yoga pants and wear them to lounge around my apartment or run a quick errand as well. I also own 2 pairs of cropped ones. Aside from a few random pants, these are the only workout pants I own. Plus, there's always a 2 for $55 deal and I'm convinced everyone looks amazing in them!

5. Water bottle - Any water bottle will do and, quite frankly, I usually just grab a plastic one.

6. iPhone & headphones - A must have. If I leave for the gym without them, I turn back around. I usually listen to Pandora radio playlists like Dance Cardio Dance and Pop & Hip Hop Power Workout.

7. Gym bag - I don't always carry a bag with me because I live so close to my gym (I just grab my #6 and keys). But when I do, I bring this American Apparel bag along. It's made of nylon and is just big enough to hold your essentials without flopping around. Plus, the yellow color makes me happy.

8. Hair accessories - I don't like wearing hair ties when I exercise. They tend to move and slip in my hair, and when they do, they snag. Besides, hair ties leave an ugly dent in my hair when I let it down :\ Instead, I wrap my hair in a bun on the top of my head and secure it with a clip or a few bobby pins.

9. Hygiene products - Like I said, I usually just run to the gym and return home to clean up, but if I'm coming from school/work or running around afterwards, I always have these products in my gym bag: Simple cleansing facial wipes, Lady Mitchum deodorant, Victoria's Secret vanilla lace body mist, and a LaVanila Vanilla Blackberry rollerball (my gym has body wash that I'll use).

10. Towel - My gym provides towels but sometimes, it's nice to have your own.

What are your gym essentials?