Mid-Week Motivation? Don't Mind If I do.

I'm in need of a little extra motivation - this week's Monday Morning Motivation just isn't cuttin' it! For years, I've been too busy to really do anything just for the enjoyment of it. At times, my life's felt like a list of tasks to check off. Like I'm living one moment only to get to the next, instead of living in the moment. Recently, I've spent quite a bit of time just enjoying things and at the top of this list is reading and writing. But although I've been writing quite a bit, completing some prompts and laying down a few story lines, I haven't had the chutzpah to put myself out there and just post it. It's frustrating because as a writer (I know, I said it! Small victories!), I've got to believe in myself enough to share what I love, even if everyone hates it or no one reads it at all.  

In my search for confidence, I stumbled upon some pretty motivational stuff and thought to dedicate a post to it, in case anyone else needs a little mid-week push as well. And maybe by the end of the week, we'll all find the courage to do the things that scare us most :)