Maybe I Want It Afterall.

Throughout high school and much of college, I'd thought I was so sure about everything. And truly, most of it I was sure of , and some of those things I was even right about. Life is about progression. Very little should stand in the way of becoming a better you daily. Nothing is worth losing yourself. If it doesn't advance you, friend or lover or action, than it's only holding you back. You don't need anyone to make you feel complete. And anyone who tries to convince you otherwise isn't worth your time.

But I'm growing up. I'm 25 and most of my friends and peers are adults. And adults live adult lives. They have careers, and homes, and bills, and, spouses, and children. They have responsibilities to uphold and relationships to cultivate.

Holly & her "Fred"

Holly & her "Fred"

You don't need anyone. But it's okay to want someone. And one day, you meet someone who makes you realize that you want all of the things you never thought you needed. Wanting it doesn't make you weak. It's okay to dream about your wedding day, to be strangely obsessed with "Say Yes To The Dress", and ogle diamond engagement rings on the Tiffany website. (Even the fabulously single Holly Golightly had breakfast at Tiffany's). You shouldn't be ashamed of scribbling a list on a post it,  trying to find the perfect middle name to go with 'Charlotte' for your future baby girl, and tucking it away for safe keeping. An argument with your boyfriend isn't suppose to ruin your life, but it's understandable if it ruins your night. Being connected to someone in such a way that it feels like it encompasses you is okay so long as it doesn't eat you alive.

And I want that. I want happily ever after. I want it all.