Gettin' Fancy :)

I haven't written a proper blog post in, what I don't know, like a week, but I wanted to check in for the new year with a few new things.

So if it hasn't happened already, it's happening momentarily - I'm getting fancy, dear! And by fancy I mean, a new blog/domain name and a new layout. I'm working on getting everything to "play nicely" so to speak (the layout, domain name, social media links), but once it's all in place, it'll be the new and improved "The Kari Diaries."

But, what about "Lipstick Stains and Coffee Cups"? I thought you really loved it. There's no denying that I did. I thought about my blog name long and hard before I really began blogging and trying to become a part of the blogging community. You can see here how much it symbolizes to me. Then why change it? Well, have you seen how long it is? 5 words, 27 letters. Eeep! For a pretty long time, both my boyfriend and my friends that know about my blog, couldn't remember the url for the life of them. Also, not only did my name give no indication of what my blog was about, but my blog was (or rather it is?) slowly becoming something more than it's name. It's not just about beauty and thoughts. I mean, it includes those things but it also encompasses so much more than that. "The Kari Diaries" is shorter, sweeter and informative - this a blog about me, my innermost thoughts and desires as well as any and everything else. And I love it. It's here to stay :)

Welcome to The Kari Diaries. Do stay a while!

And because I'd feel weird leaving this post so simple, here are two songs that I've been playing on repeat for the past week. I really enjoy ABC Family shows and sometimes, I'll hear a song on an episode and rewind that scene a hundred times just to hear it again. These two from Ravenswood (which I'm catching up on at the moment) and Pretty Little Liars, respectively, are really great songs. Both of them have introduced me up to music by both The Civil Wars and The Rescues, two amazing groups with harmonies that are out of this world. I really love the sound of musical harmony :)