"But The Gym Is Closing"

...so goes my favorite excuse to skip my workout for the day. Forget the fact that I've waited until nearly midnight to get my sweat on. It's way too late now, so I better rest up for tomorrow. And then, into the bed with a cup of tea and my current novel, I go.

If this is your main line to get out of a workout, check out these great HIIT workouts that you can do at home. I've tried some of these with great results while others are rather new to me. But the bottom line is, contrary to popular (or maybe just my) belief, you can get a hell of a workout in 15-25 minutes and at home. Consider this a sample of small manifesto of HIIT workouts I've collected over my fitness journey.

Tone It Up's HIIT Workout  from the Love Your Body series

The great thing about this video is that the ladies formulated the moves to be super quiet. So, if you have people living beneath you, you can get your workout in without someone banging on their ceiling with a broomstick. Another good thing: it's only 18 minutes total! Wam bam, thank you ma'am. But don't be fooled. This workout (& pretty much every TIU workout) kicks my ass, which is bad, but oh so good too.

24-minute HIIT Routine

I discovered this routine in a workout book I owned a few years ago, and it was a major factor in helping me get fit the first time around. Consider it my "tried & true"; no matter what new exercises I find, I'll always rely on this one. It's longer than other HIIT workouts because it allows for a longer rest period (which you could always shorten to increase difficulty).

There are 4 exercises, performed one after the other, and then the entire set is repeated 6 times. You perform each exercise for 30 second and then rest for 30 seconds.

*note: I = increase difficulty; D = decrease difficulty

Squat Jump

I: Click your heels together when you jump as it requires you to jump higher; D: Do straight up squats.

Pushup to plank 

I: Add a pushup after returning to pushup position; D: Remain in one position for the entire 30seconds.

Alternating Lunge

I = Add weight or try leaping lunges; D: Don't alternate until the next set

Jumping in place

I: Try tuck jumps; D: Lower your jump or just do toe raises.

The Catching Fire HIIT Challenge 

Remember that note I left to myself after seeing Catching Fire in theaters? Must be as badass as Katniss Everdeen. Well, I'm trying to make good on it. Or at least I have every intention to. I barely got through one set with modifications and I nearly died. But I mean, even she's struggling through it and she is iinnn shape. It's a killer 12-minute routine and it's an entire 30-day series, which gives you a schedule and variety. I can't wait to start this challenge when I'm a bit more fit, but for those of you who are already there, you may find this to be just what you need. Check the video below; it's tough! (Warning: most of the instructors on this channel believe in very little material as clothing, so only view if you aren't offended by such things).

CHECK-IN #3: In the bustle of Mr. Big & Tall's birthday and Valentine's Day, I skipped the second weigh-in. But I'm down -11 since the first check-in! :)

12;3; 4; 5 - me.