Twenty - EFFIN' - Six

In honor of the day I turn 26 (and because I've gained quite a few followers since I last did an "about me" kind of post), I present 26 random facts about lil ol' me. And by random, I mean completely and uttering freakin' random, which coincidentally might sum me up in one word.

1) Anything the consistency of baby food is disgusting to me, including mashed potatoes and applesauce.

2) I have so much more fun making the list than actually doing things on the list. Planning for greatness? Fun. Doing the things that make you great? Not so fun. 

3) I've memorized all my debit card numbers.

4) Anytime I watch a voice competition show, I mute the t.v. during the commercials and try to sing the songs I just heard. Just to see if I've got what it takes. I don't.

5) I would've been left-handed if my mom didn't force me to use my right was I was younger. That's why it was always so strange that I'm lefty in gymnastics (lead with my left foot) because most people's dominant hand is also their dominant foot.

6) Sleeping is my favorite. I've slept for 24 hours straight before.

7) I hate walking around barefoot, but I also hate getting my slippers wet, so I step into rubber slides when I get out of the shower.

8) Everything is better when drinking it out of a wine glass.

9) I'm an excellent rollerblader but can't skate at all.

10) Every time I buy milk it goes bad in my fridge. Every. Single. Time.

11) I kill every flower I come into contact with, but peonies are one of my favorite things.

12) It totally freaks me out when someone hands me a sharp object with the edge pointing towards me. Have you no concern for my safety?!

13) For about a month in 2000, I wore a backwards red baseball cap everyday because I swore I was a Limp Bizkit backup dancer (re: Rollin').

14) If there's music playing, I'm dancing. It doesn't matter where I am.

15) On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, I check the Disney channel 2:30-4am time slot in hopes that they'll play 'Brink!'. It was on last weekend. I recorded it :)

16) I have two middle names.

17) My dream apartment doesn't have multiple bedrooms, the best view or the newest appliances. I just want an extra closet to convert into a sit-in library.

18) I really dislike asking for help.

19) I can still wear a lot of the clothes I've had since I was 14 years old.

20) I prefer cereal without milk. 

21) There's no doubt that I have an addictive personality.

22) If you know me, I swear like a sailor. I usually filter it around people I'm not as comfortable with because I think it's so unladylike.  

23) I could play Crash Bandicoot on Playstation for days straight.

24) I have a pork allergy (including anything cooked in pork grease) and it tastes kinda like soap to me.  

25) Seeing people really happy makes me cry.

26) Falling off of a treadmill or stairmaster is a huge fear of mine. It's just so embarrassing.