Faulty Stars & Cheek Prosthetics?

If you've noticed, there have been quite a few book-related posts on this little blog of mine lately. For one, I'm a big reader, and secondly, I've read so many great novels that I've wanted to review and recommend them. (In fact, there should be another review coming next week. #bookworm) And even though I love posting *spoiler-free* book reviews (I seriously hate being accidentally spoiled, booo!), I also kind of wanna gush over them sometimes too. 

I mentioned on twitter a few weeks ago that I wanted to start a book club, and when my girl Kay responded, an unofficial book club was born. I don't know the details or how it will work just yet, and I'm not even sure if it will be some legit book club with a Goodreads page and link up and all that. But if anyone is interested, we've decided to read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green for the month of June. More to come about this impromptu book club in the future! (Of course, comment below if you are interested. Mae, I'm glaring at you!)  

Now, onto the weekend links!

I died laughing through most of this segment because Jennifer Lawrence + Jimmy Fallon = hilarious. How is she so attractive and so funny at the same damn time? Life is not fair!!

Another video of J Law because, for real, why not? She could seriously relay the experience of a root canal and I would be entertained. Oh & the myspace post her best friend wrote about going to the Oscars with her.

Mean Tweets are back and Sofia Vergara totally takes the cake for best reaction.

Creating the perfection that is the evil beauty of Maleficent. Holy, cheek prosthetics.

Childhood fairytales ruined. The Little Mermaid... Really? There's gotta be more to life.

Big 10 as Game of Thrones characters. Ohio State? Accurate. And for once in my life, I'm jealous of Indie, but still... "WE ARE!" I mean, Brienne of Tarth is pretty badass.

Cuando Cuando Es by J-King & Maximan. It's a few years old, but popped up on Pandora during a workout last week and had me elliptical-ing faster. The video's really corny (seriously, don't look it up), but you can still back that azz up.

Cuando Cuando Es by J-King & Maximan on Grooveshark

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