Holy Guacamole!

I definitely stole that from Jared Leto (he performs in a "holy guacamole" shirt sometimes and it shows up as a caption under one of his IG photos at least once a week), but I dare say it applies 50x more for this post than under his photo of his biceps.

I made guacamole this weekend. Nevermind that I've bought the "guacamole kit" from Trader Joe's about 14 times and tossed it into the trash 14 times after I let it spoil in the depths of my fridge. Yet, my shopping trip on Friday resulted in my dropping multiple avocados and jalapeños into my cart. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised on Sunday night, staring down at a bowl of green, creamy goodness.

Now, I'm no guac-connoisseur - I've only attempted making the good stuff a handful of times - but I found, or rather the boyfriend found, this recipe based on the guacamole from one of our favorite restaurants, Rosa Mexicana. It's the easiest recipe I've ever tried. Here's documentation my most recent, and yummy might I add, attempt.      

Oh, and I quick funny that popped up on my IG feed earlier today. 100% Relevant.

The end :)

Got any guac tricks up your sleeve? Give me some pointers for my next attempt!