An Excuse To Use Gifs

Okay, so I had a 'storytime' post all cued up and ready to go, but (1) it turned out less funny and more controversial and I wasn't sure if I was ready to go there today, and (2) I realized that it's Confession Wednesday and I can't remember the last time I did a confessions post and I'm sure I've never participated in a Confessions Wednesday linkup. Plus, I've been a reader (albeit silent reader because I'm a creep and a shitty blogger) of Kathy's blog for too long not to have linked up.

So with that lame intro...

++ I've been watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy back to back like it's giving me life because, well, it kinda is. (Correction: Shonda Rhimes gives me life.) So, if I go missing for a while, I'm just over here tv binging like they're gonna take it away.

++ The Maze Runner comes out this Friday and I'm mostly excited to see it because of who's in it. Because, hello, Dylan O'Brien?

++ The fact that I'm decorating for fall this weekend is also making my entire week.

++ I may or may not have skipped ahead 100 pages in Crown of Midnight, just to see if my ship ever becomes a thing. I'm knee deep in Sarah J. Maas' world of Erilea (Throne of Glass series) and I ship Chaol + Celena so hard.

++ If I'm doing something I really want to do and I have to pee, I hold it until I absolutely cannot any longer and then I dash towards the bathroom like a mad woman. I'll have bladder issues by 30. TMI, I'm sure.

++ I've been in a Tuesday night slump since Pretty Little Liars ended, so, even though I'm super sad this season is the final ride, I'm really, really happy Sons of Anarchy is back on.

++ I miss smoking. I'm sure this is a shit confession and who actually says this shit, but I do (say it and miss it, that is). Sure, it's a crap habit, and yeah, I'm glad I don't anymore. But sometimes I see someone with a cigarette and I remember the grind of law school and how it kept me somewhat calm back then, and damn it, I miss serenity.

++ Speaking of calmness and serenity, I need some of that these days. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just now going crazy or perhaps I've been cray all along. I just feel totally restless.

++ I'm one of those impatient people who hates giving pedestrians the right of way, but is quick to cuss out a cabbie for turning in my path when I have the light.

++ Oh and I can't do a confessions post without gifs. It just feels unnatural. This post was pretty much an excuse to use gifs.

What you confessing today?