Fall-O-Ween Reads [& a Giveaway!]

Better late than never, right? :)

In case you missed it, Fall-O-Ween kicked off this past Wednesday. And yeah, I'm still brimming with excitement. I really need to find a better word for that. Elation? :\

Is it just me or do you tend to read novels according to seasons? I mean, if a book I'm really looking forward to is released, I'll read it right then no matter what. But I usually binge on cute contemporaries during the spring and summer, while devouring on darker fantasy and dystopians during the fall and winter. And oddly enough, I find that I focus on classics and philosophy type books in the depths of winter. Seasons for reading... who knew?

Well as it's Fall-O-Ween, I've got a horrific list of scary reads on the blog today in video form. Oh, and don't worry! For those of you who aren't into the fright, I've also got a list of books I plan to read for fall (coming very soon!), many of which are darker, but not horrifying. Something for everybody! But even if you're not into it, check out the end of the scary video anyway - spoiler alert: things are being given away!

As it's first friday, it's time for the first linkup! I don't expect everyone to be as into the season as I am, of course, but if you've written a Fall-O-Ween related post in the past week, share it with us below. If it's about books then great, but it could be anything - fall makeup, decorating ideas, recipes, favorites, recaps, birthday plans, fashion - you name it! I'm ready for an influx of Fall-O-Ween spirit.


And finally (& probably the best part!), use the Rafflecopter below to enter the first giveaway of Fall-o-ween! Details of the prize in the "Scary Books" video above!

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