Super Easy Halloween Snacks

So I was suppose to post about these Halloween goodies last week, after my sangria recipe. But I didn't feel like baking then. There's a baking mood, you know. I wasn't in it. When was I in the baking mood? Well, 1 AM last night, of course. Typical me. So I baked while I caught up on yesterday's episode of Sons Of Anarchy (Poor Bobby).

These goodies are super easy to make. I'm talking a toddler could whip this up, which seems to be the talent level of most of my DIYs these days. Both snacks are perfect for Halloween parties, baking with your children and devouring as your family watches Casper for the four thousandth time, or just making them for a party of one.

(Warning: this is a very picture-heavy post. Proceed at your own risk... and that of your waistline.)

A twist on the traditional cupcake, inspired by my favorite Halloween candy. All you need is classic white cake batter, yellow and orange (red + yellow) food coloring, vanilla icing, and candy corn pieces. The longest part of this recipe was layering the batter in the muffin pan, it's that simple.

You don't know this, so this might just blow your mind, but... brownies are kinda my specialty. It all began with a box of brownie mix on a drunken college night and the rest was history. Ask my boyfriend. They're damn good. How do you halloween-ify your staple dessert? Throw a ghost on top of them!

If you thought it couldn't get any easier than those cupcakes up there, you were wrong. Grab a box of brownie mix and follow the instructions on the back. Cut the brownies into medium squares and top each with a large marshmallow. Melt a few spoonfuls of icing and dibble it over the top.

Do you have any go-to Halloween snacks? Tell me about them!