Back When I Was A Beast

I could name a few of my more fit friends who would question that statement, but for me, that's what it felt like. A little over two years ago, I was a beast in the gym. I felt fit, and strong, and confident - something I hadn't felt since my junior year of high school. Until I began doing gymnastics competitively, fitness was a struggle for me. My parents are phenomenal but balanced dieting and forcing feeding their children vegetables wasn't exactly their strong suit. I have the silver fillings to prove it! And once I stopped competitive sports, I triggered my weight gain button - hello 70+ pounds! I tried to control my weight in college to the tune of success and failure, but it's in law school where I finally got it together and went into #beastmode.

So it's a new year, and although I'm sure "getting fit" is on everyone's resolution list (including mine for the past two years), I'm looking to enter #beastmode again, because honestly, it's one of the times I've felt most alive.

Last year, I attempted and failed miserably at a fitness challenge I called "Sweating for Summer". I failed. But what's that saying? Try, try again? So here we are a year later. A workout challenge by another name but just as sweet: #beastmode. (Oh, and yes, I will continue to use #beastmode because it makes me feel cool.) The challenge will be similar to my previous one. It's 24-weeks from January 12th until June 29th, and I'll be checking-in every two weeks. Check-ins won't necessarily be full posts, although some posts may be fitness-themed, but I'll be updating with a line or two on designated days. If you're also looking to firm up this year, I'd love it if you left comments about your progress so we can commiserate together. Also, feel free to use the tracker I created for myself below.

Click  here for fillable .doc format.

So, in honor of the memory and as a bookmark of inspiration for myself, I'm flooding this post with pictures of #beastmode Kari (many of which are mirror pics, eep!) to remind me that I did it before and I can do it again. And if it inspires any of you as well, well that's just the frosting!

Last photo on the right is quite possibly my favorite photo of myself!

Sure, we all make them, but I'm interested to know anyway! What are some of your fitness goals for the new year?