I Believe

My good friend and alpha wolf Mae did a post like this last week, and well that's all I need to convince me to participate. It was a one-time link-up for MLK Day, but I'm pretty sure he broke a few rules back in the day :) and so, I'm following suit.

there is no life lesson that can't be learned from an episode of Boy Meets World.

a good book (or books) can change your life.

women's rights are so important, whether labeled 'feminism' or otherwise.

one should never wear more than one leopard print item at one time.

there's always time for laughter.

anyone who doesn't like electronic dance music simply hasn't listened hard enough.

there's no such thing as "not believing in something".

in squats, we trust.

Sinatra is good for the soul.

kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do.

people who dislike swearing don't know the satisfaction of a well-placed, four-letter word.

Pats are gonna win the SuperBowl!


talent can't hold a candle to practice.

90s cartoons always win (re: Rugrats and Recess).

in never going to bed angry.

I Believe Link-Up

What do you believe? In a happy, happy weekend? :)