Resolutions for 2015

Like I mentioned last year, I'm a resolutions kind of gal. And as predicted a few of those resolutions went forgotten or incomplete, but it's a tradition so we carry on! Before I jump into some of the goals I've set for this year, I want to quickly recap last year's. And because it's a new year - how did I babble on without wishing you all a Happy New Year yet?!

Happy New Year to you all, my darlings!

I could totally just insert that up above and pretend like I was on top of my game and remembered it, but let's be real, that's not how it happened... So, because it's a new year and we're trying to be positive, I'm only going to list the resolutions I actually kept. Don't worry there aren't many of them :)

  • Drank more water. All hail the Brita filter.
  • Read 20 books. Actually I read 32, after upping the goal to 50, but we can leave that last part out.
  • Continued to build my blog & publicize it (on Twitter at least!). Oh and for the most part, I tried to produce quality posts that I can be proud of.
  • Loved the home I live in. There's a little more to do but I completed quite a few projects around my apartment that make it feel much more mine.
  • Stop being afraid to be a 'writer'. This happened! Not only did I write 50k words in a single month, I settled into the idea: I am a writer, because I write. The end :)

Huh. Seems like I didn't do so bad after all. On the blog, that is. Out of my personal list of twenty-two, I completed only six. Eeep! Well, my 2015 resolutions build from some of those and include some of my failed attempts from last year, so redemption is on the horizon. Aside from following a budget, using less swear words and learning to play wizard's chess like Ron Weasley, here are a few of my more attainable for  2015:


Perpetual resolution, for sure. Every year I say I'll travel more and I never get to do it. At least I didn't get out of the country like I had hoped. I did, however, go on more weekend trips. I can count four off the top of my head. But I'd love to get back to London this year. There's just something about traveling that opens up your whole word :)

Be on time.

Another carry over from last year, although I have to give myself credit for being much more conscious of it this year. As I said before, it's like a running joke with my friends that I can't get anywhere on time, because I don't let on how much this truth about myself bothers me. So, we try, try again.

Keep in touch.

Anyone who's ever texted or emailed me knows I'm not the best at getting back to people, although I've been getting better these past few months. It's not about being rude; it's just that I think too much and I have a million thoughts swirling through my head so I forget. The key for me is just making time to check in with the people that matter.

Immerse myself in writing. 

I could write an entire blog post around this, I really could. The thoughts are bouncing around my head like pingpong balls. I'd say last year's goal of calling myself a writer is my proudest completion. Throughout the year, I worked on becoming more accustomed to the title. I've made pretty big steps in the way of credentials, culminating in completing NaNoWriMo 2014. So, it follows that my most anticipated resolution for 2015 is related to writing. I have a few projects in the motion, including writing and sharing more of my short stories every few months, and completing and editing the first draft of my novel. I'd like to be querying during 2015 as well, which seems entirely plausible if I can keep up the momentum. Also, it'd be amazing to write for a living, but that deserves its own blog post entirely.

Reading is on the other side of that writing equation that results in immersion. According to Stephen King, "[i]f you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write." And I mean, if King says it, it's pretty much cannon. I'm 99% sure that this year's reading goal will be 50 books. It seems fairly doable considering my other commitments.  

Experience the city.  

I'm a New York girl, and part of living in this glorious city for most of your life is taking it for granted. I wanted to change that. Sometime in 2013, I started a NYC Love Affair series in an attempt to take better advantage of my surroundings and committing to documenting it for my blog. It's been many months since then, and I find that I just don't experience the city in the way I think I should. Years ago, the city was my favorite little stomping ground. I had favorite little shops and restaurants in every neighborhood. Time to get that back.

Get fit.

Sure, getting into shape is probably on everyone's list, but I take the cake (perfect metaphor) on this failed resolution. I actually spent most of 2014 getting further out of shape. Womp. They say it gets harder as you get closer to 30. I better get it together.

Blog bravely. 

Finally acting on what I wrote about  here and here, I spent this "week off" from blogging to contemplate my blog's identity. While my blogging goals aren't necessarily lofty, they are ways for me to hold on to (what I consider to be) my integrity while joining the blogging community in a way that builds my platform. It seems the key is consistency, style and content. (Sidenote: why is there no 'c' synonym for 'style'?)

As I only wrote 123 posts in 2014, working out to 2.3 posts per week, I didn't hit my goal last year. My consistency needs work, so that goal of three blog posts per week will be reinstated.

As far as style is concerned, I'm comfortable with the writing style I use on TKD. Not that it's spectacular or anything (I'm quite corny, truly), but it's me and that's all I can really ask. I'll just remind myself periodically: must not be a basic b*, mustn't be a basic b*! :)

And what about content? A comment from   Lyndsey about weaving and finding a balance was the perfect advice (Thanks, Lyndsey!). I'm aiming to strike a balance between serious issues and the fun & frivolous. Not by any stretch would I want to morph into a political, advocate blog, but at the same time, I don't want a blog full of posts that only concern me and my small world. I'm certain that I'm highly unqualified to run the former, and want my world to be bigger /more than the latter. Not that there's anything wrong with either of those blog types. It's just not what I want to stand for.

And finally, although I may have succeeded partially in publicizing my blog on Twitter, I have yet to do so on Instagram, where I'm likely to get the most traffic from. Eeep! Let's see what happens this year.

Fall in love with my life. 

This didn't fully happen last year, which makes sense as it pretty much encompasses all the little resolutions (of which I only completed six). Last year, I described my life as boring, however social media influenced that description may be, and this year definitely was not that. There were quite a few exciting things that happened in 2014. So it's a step in the right direction. But I want an exciting life, not just sporadic moments.

Do you make resolutions? Tell me a few of yours in the comments below! And again, Happy New Year!