I Wrote A Short Story!

Eep! I don't think I've ever been this nervous for a post to go live before. I've probably redrafted this post five times. But at the end of the day, nothing is going to be juussttt right, so we beat on :)

Cutting right to it - I wrote a short story! Last year, I began writing a novel and although I love it, it's a long process and I found it frustrating that I couldn't share my writing sooner. After reading My True Love Gave To Me, I was inspired to write holiday-themed short stories of my own, an idea that has evolved into simply writing and publishing short stories in general. The aim is to publish a few throughout the year.

This short story began as a ode to the holiday of love, but quickly morphed into something else. It's kind of a Valentine's Day story, but not. Kind of a funny story, but not quite that either. Truly, I'm horrible at synopsis writing and hopefully I'll improve by the time I publish a book (fingers and toes crossed!). I have no idea how to describe this short story without spoiling it. I hope you'll read it anyway :)

Big thank yous go out to everyone who supported this project and me during the craziness that was drafting, editing and not-scrapping this short story, a group of people that include my family, my friends that are family, and my boyfriend. But a very special thanks goes out to Mae - for believing in my words before having read a full sentence and for beta-ing all my sentences with enthusiasm and so much love :)

Annnddd apparently, nervous Kari writes impromptu acknowledgements? Well on that note, I hope you enjoy my short story. Please do like, comment, and share it here, on Wattpad, Twitter, Instagram - wherever your heart so desires because my heart desires for people to read (and hopefully love) it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.