TV Shows You Should Binge Watch

If I've been trying to hide it, I haven't done it well because you all know by now - I'm a grown-up fangirl (or maybe not so grown-up). So the impending return of fall tv has me planning social events around show premieres like some anti-social weirdo. Not that I'm denying the accusation. But seriously, fall is my favorite for multiple reasons and TV is one of them.  

So here are the shows I can't wait for come the next few months, and the shows you should binge-watch right now (*edit: this post was written weeks ago so some of these have already premiered or will very soon). Prepare for quite a bit of fangirling. Sorries all around in advance.   

Once Upon A Time

(New Season Premieres: September 27th)

Once Upon A Time is every fangirl's dream. It's a big girl show, I mean it's on ABC, but the entire show is pretty much based on a single premise, aka every little girl's best day ever: what if all the fairy tales were real? Season by season, viewers are introduced to new characters that pop up in a Storybrooke, a small down where .... I mean really. Need I say more? 

The Originals

(New Season Premieres: Thursday, October 8th)

When Klaus and his vicious original vampire family popped onto the scene in The Vampire Diaries, I thought: who is this asshole ancient vampire and why/how can he be so damn terrible?Soon enough, I found myself utterly smitten with him, so when he and his family got this spin-off series set in bluesy Louisiana (which is such an ah-mazing setting), I couldn't wait to tune in. From the moment Klaus, with brother and sister in tow, began reeking havoc on the magical kind of Louisiana and bullying his way to regaining control of the city from his protegé, I was hooked. And you will be too! 


(New Season Premieres: Wednesday, September 23rd)

This show took everyone, including me, by storm last year. I was skeptical at first, as I normally am with shows that are surrounded by so much hype, but once I caved and finally watched an episode - I couldn't stop. The first season of Empire tells the story of Lucious Lyon, media mogul and owner of Empire Records, his ex-wife Cookie who helped start the empire but has been locked up for almost 20 years and their 3 children. It's scandalous, addicting, hilarious and produces bomb music without getting too High School Musical on us (not that there's anything wrong with HSM!). 


(New Season Premieres: Friday, October 9th)

Reign is a historical fantasy teen drama, documenting the lives of the royals in France in 1557, specifically the early years of Mary Queen of Scots. Yes, that Mary Queen of Scots that you barely heard/could care less about in history class in 9th grade. Except you will care this time; you will care so much, you'll be screaming at the tv. I just get so wound up watching this show. Reign is definitely one of the best shows on television right now if you ask me. I can't even deal with all the feels this show delivers straight to my heart. They wrap it all in such pretty freaking packaging that I don't expect an explosion of hideous feels, yet every single week, I open the damn thing. Really, if you haven't watched this show, stop reading now! 


(New Season Premieres: Thursday, October 1st)

Raymond Reddington is a US Navy officer turned high-profile criminal and one thing is for sure, he's damn good at it. So when he surrenders himself to FBI custody and then agree to serve as a confidential informant for the bureau, helping to bring down the very criminals he's colluded with, it's unexpected to say the least. And Reddington continues to keep viewers hooked with the unexpected every episode, dazzling us with his unbelievable intelligent, hilariously witty monologues and complete badass attitude.


(New Season Premieres: Monday, September 21st)

I kind of have a thing for the Batman. Ever since I was a little girl, he's been one of my favorite superheroes. And Gotham gets us deeper into the circumstances surrounding the rise of Batman, but it mostly focuses on the story of a young James Gordon (with at most a secondary focus on Bruce Wayne). Most of us know Gordon's role in Bruce Wayne's story, as the officer to investigate the murder of both of Bruce's parents, but we don't know much else. Gotham is so addicting because it delves into the stories of Gotham's other known citizens while lifting the curtain on some of our favorite villians, like the Peguin and Fish Moony (and it looks like possibly the Joker and Harley Quinn this coming season). And with the slogan, "The Rise of Villains", we're sure to see their stories unfold as well.   

The 100

(New Season Premieres: 2016!)

My love for this show has been well-documented in this rambling, raving post, so suffice it to say, I cannot wait for the next season. I mean, hell, I tricked Netflix into thinking I was Canadian just to get my hands on season 2, you know I'm desperate! It's the story of 100 teens that are sent from the safety of their space station homes to see if Earth is habitable, and all the crazy things they encounter once they get there, a land that due to nuclear war hasn't been livable for 97 years.  

Just realized that Season 3 won't premiere until 2016 and so technically it doesn't belong on this list. Well, that give you even more time to get addicted. You're welcome :) And because we've already broken the "fall tv show" rule, I have to quickly mention...


I haven't a clue when the next season will begin but my excitement for it is immeasurable. This show is fantastic and deserves it's own tribute post, which you can bet your pretty little head is coming soon :)

What shows should I binge-watch immediately? Not that I don't have enough to watch already.

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