Hello Fall-O-Ween!

It's here! It's finally here. And if be lying if I said I haven't been planning for this month-long extravaganza for quite some time now. It's just the most wonderful time of the year, you guys. And it's back :) 


In case, you weren't around this time last year, Fall-O-Ween is a creation of my own making (or I mean, who knows? It could totally exist elsewhere) that combines everything I adore about this month. Fall, O for October, and Hallo"ween". And that quote up there is from Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, a book that speaks to me in general and also with this spot-on line. Sure, most people associate this season different, but to me, it's always the most lively time of year. If you don't believe me, believe F. Scott Fitzgerald when he says "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall".

So what can you expect this Fall-O-Ween?


Lots of posts related to fall/October/Halloween duh! Expect me, writing, right here, 3-5 times a week about all the things I can't get enough of. From beauty to movies and tons in between.


I'm planning 2 small giveaways, so keep a lookout for that, because who doesn't like free stuff.


If you're into this season as well, I'd love it if you linked up with me on Fridays. I'd love to read all about what you're getting into this fall, so feel free to grab the button (or not, totally up to you!) and join in.

Now that all the introduction things are out of the way, onto the Fall-O-Ween fun, beginning with my October goals and the first freebie of the season...

october goals

Finish your first draft, damn it! 

NaNoWriMo is around the corner, as in next month, and I plan to start working on a new novel that I've been turning around in my head for the better part of this year. Yet, I really really must have this done by the end of this month or I never will.  

Continue new workout.  

I recently gave myself a swift kick in the ass with a new workout routine. I'd like to, make that have to, stick with it.  

Create a budget.  

You guys. I'm way too old to spend money as frivolously as I do. I've avoided anything related to the word "budget" like a damn tax return over the years but the truth is, I need one. If only to save a little money for adult things like my future and book purchases. 

Read all the creepy, horror books. 

All of them. I save them for October and I'm so excited!

fall-o-ween freebie: halloween TV schedule

One of the best parts of the Fall-O-Ween season, aside from books (duhh!), is the Halloween-y movies and shows flooding the regularly scheduled programming. It's like witches and ghouls have commandeered the networks and filled the TV streams, and I look forward to it annually.  

There's so much going on that it's easy to miss your favorites, so here are some scheduled I created again this year. There's a cute and cozy one (with ABC Family and Disney Channel programming) and a strictly horror version (from AMC and Syfy Network) - take your pick :) 

Are you excited for the fall/October/Halloween season? What's your favorite part?