Basically, I'm A Work In Progress

Google is a sadistic asshole. I mean I love google but suggesting the Forbes article "Are You On Track To Reach Your Goals?" to the girl who rarely completes her to do list in her planner every week? That's cold.

The middle of year (which is July 2nd for those of you who may not know) came and went, and although launched me into some life questioning thoughts (where is my life going? I'm getting older by the second), I didn't even consider checking in with my yearly goals. In fact, I kinda forgot I made any, which I know instills pretty much zero confidence in this check-in post. But seeing as I still have, what, 4-ish months left to the year and so plenty of time to get back on track, I thought I'd revisit them today. And on the blog of course, because the only way to have these "oh hell I've made no progress" revelations is publicly, duh.

Mid-Year Progress Report

*takes a look at resolutions list* well, shiiitttt. Shit, shit, shit.  


Get a publishing deal.

So technically, this has not been done yet. I'm not even agented. Hell, I'm not even actively querying if I'm being honest. But I did... FINISH MY FIRST DRAFT! *and the crowd goes wild!* 

It was seriously one of the happiest moments of my life. Is that pathetic? Whatever, I don't care. It felt amazing and now I'm knee-deep in revisions and kind of loving it. There are probably posts to come because since when can I not talk about writing? But I'd consider this half done, on track? I'll take it!  

Be more patient.

I won't even kid myself with this one. Nope, not at all. I do find that I've become more aware of it though. I'll get all frustrated that things aren't moving at my pace or in the direction I want, and I'll tell myself to chill out. But ahh, no, I can't.  

Go to a book conference.

Did I get to a book conference yet? No. Did I get a bad case of FOMO watching tons of conference vlogs? Yes. So far, 2016 book conferences just haven't worked with my schedule. And let's not even talk about how I missed on on NYCC tickets a month ago (too soon). There are a few more this year that I've got my eye on so we'll see. But I did go to my first book signing in quite some time this past May. And let me tell you, Maggie Stiefvater is just as phenomenal as her books.  


Text back.

*Rolls eyes* what's wrong with me? Why am I the way that I am?  

Fall in love with life.

Still working on this one. There's always more life to live. I'm hoping to do some really fun things this fall. A bit of traveling here, a lot of small events in the city. This might very well be the most important on this list because a well-lived life is a life well-lived - or something like that.  

Bookish Resolutions: 

  • Read 50 books - I'm about 9 books behind. Not impossible. 
  • Read 5 classics - I'm 99.9% sure I haven't read a single one but I do plan to reread Pride and Prejudice this month. 
  • Read more diversely - I'm doing so so with this and I have big plans to rectify it.
  • Complete a book challenge - umm no. 
  • Use my Kindle more - Yes! 10! 
  • Read the Mistborn trilogy - I'm about 1/2 way through Book 1. 
  • Continue hosting the Literary Ladies Book Club - This one should probably be edited. The girls and I decided to take an extended hiatus in June but plan to host another book challenge later this year. 
  • Review more books - That would require that I blog, which I haven't. :/
  • Photograph books - I have been, just not as often as I'd like. Still a check, but keep working.
  • Read new releases sooner - well I read HP 8 and Lady Midnight within 2 weeks of release, so maybe?
  • Read more standalones - surprisingly, yes.
  • Read National Book Award winner - nope, nope, not even.

Not as despicable as I'd expected. Moral of the story: I'm a big work in progress. How are you doing with your goals this year?