Resolutions for 2016

Happy New Year, Darling!

It's that time of year when everyone starts talking about how they are going to make this year their year, and no, no I'm not immune. I look forward to making resolutions no matter how much I fail at keeping them over the course of the year (I've posted them on the blog in the past, and no, don't look it up and embarrass me with my disgustingly low success rate). I know a lot of people find goal setting in this way to be pointless because we rarely follow through with it anyway. And my response is "so what? At least I'm beginning with good intentions." 

Goal sharing has become sort of a tradition around here (again, don't go looking!). Of course, the typical resolutions are also on my list this year -- get fit, wake up earlier, create an follow a budget, be a good blogger, experience the city, etc. -- but that's on all of our perpetual lists, aren't they?  So instead, here are 5 of my favorite resolutions for 2016:

Get a publishing deal.


Although part of this goal is completely out of my hands (I can't very well give myself a publishing deal), I figure I'd wish it into existence. Last year, I listed "immerse myself in writing" as a goal and I'd say I achieved that. Early in 2015, I did a few guest posts for friends and a lovely little blog called Brown Girl Bloggers. I also wrote a short story that I'm so very proud of back in February. I began an online magazine with a friend, got published on Huffington Post (Ahhhh!) and then completed NaNoWriMo for the second time :) I hope to keep up that momentum - and then some! - this year, especially when it comes to novel writing. 

Last year, after I finished NaNoWriMo, I was happy with what I'd created. I thought I loved it, and in a way I did (and still do!). But writing is kind of like relationships - sometimes it takes falling head over heels to realize what love really is. I love Omission but my current WIP has recently shown me that said love was only a small taste of what falling in love with your story is really like. And that feeling makes "getting published" feel more attainable than it's ever felt.

Be more patient.

This resolution deserves it's own post. And really it's gonna get one, there's a post in my drafts right now. It's all about being impatient and rushing constantly because I'm such an instantaneous person. I want things now, yesterday even, and I don't bother to consider that people work at their own pace or things happen when they are suppose to not when I think they should. And maybe, just maybe, it's not the rest of the world that needs to speed up; maybe I could stand to slow down.   

Go to a book conference.



As many of you probably already know, I've rebranded this little corner of internet a few times and I've finally settled on something that seems very true to me. Now that I'm focused on stories, connecting with others who feel the same seems like the next logical step. I've shied away from attending book conferences for a variety of reasons, none of which really hold up at the end of the day. And as much as I believe that age is irrelevant when it comes to the books you read or the life you lead, I'm not getting any younger. Besides, how much fun does that up there look? Why settle for fangirling all over your little blog and Instagram (which I love doing), when you can go to an event dedicated to that very thing? Hell, I may even cosplay as Winter from The Lunar Chronicles. OMG or Hermione! Can you see it now? Is it glorious? 

Text back.

Seriously, why is this so fucking hard for me?! I'm terrible. I'm so lucky to have friends that know my delay in response has nothing to do with being a shit person, but that doesn't excuse it. I see an alert, I swipe to shut it up while I finish what I'm doing and then... I forget :( Is there a "beep incessantly until I write back" feature on the iPhone? Can someone invent it please?

Fall in love with my life.


Maybe because I still haven't managed to do it. Maybe because you can always do it more. Regardless, here it is.  


Come on, did you really not expect me to have a separate list for this? :) Yoouuuuu. Here's a self-explanatory list that I'll try to adhere to, but honestly, so long as I read a lot, life's good. 

  • Read 50 books.

  • Read 5 classics.

  • Read more diversely. 

  • Complete a book challenge.

  • Use my Kindle more.

  • Read the Mistborn trilogy.


Do you make resolutions for the year? Better yet, do you keep them? Again, Happy New Year!