"Shh..." The soft sound comes from right next to me. A gentle pat on the knee follows just to prove no harm is meant. I pout anyway. Seconds later the television show pauses and it's silent for just a moment while my ever-so patient partner waits for what he knows is coming next. 

"Well, I just don't understand why she'd do that. She's sooo stupid. Clearly..." I launch into my frustrations, aimed at the writers of the show and the mediocre acting but said with vigor to my partner as if he's to blame. A slow smile begins to pull at the corner of his mouth. I know that smile. That's the "youuuu" smile, the "shaking my damn head" smile. 

I've done this before. Paused the show to add my commentary. (Sometimes I don't even pause at all, talking right over the next scene.) And I'll do it again. That's what that smile is about. It's about the inevitable. I'll surely realize in a minute or two that I've interrupted the flow, apologize, vow not to speak for the rest of the show, and then butt in again with a "just real quick!" in 15 minutes or so. That's just who I am.  

I'm the girl who will pause the Harry Potter movie to fill my non-reading companion in about the things in the book that the movie is skipping. I'm the girl who likes to try to predict the outcome of an episode while I'm watching it (for the record, I totally predicted the ending of Sons of Anarchy!). I'm the girl who will have enough to say afterwards to fill up an hour of your time. 

I like stories. Understatement, I love stories. I breathe them and I live in them. There's nothing like a well-placed story, except, maybe, an unexpected one :) When I look around - the guy resting his head in his girlfriend's lap after a long day beneath the shade of a tall tree in the park, the woman picking up each item in her basket and carefully reading the ingredients because she's counting macros this week - I don't see people. I see stories. 

So when I saw that my blog was taking a turn in that direction, that I found myself wanting to write about reading, writing and experiencing stories more than anything else, I decided to stop fighting it. I mentioned it on the day I launched this design: for 2 years I've been fighting my blog, not wanting it to lean in the direction it wanted. And look at us... right back at the crossroads. Except I'm not fighting it this time; I'm letting it steer and it's steering towards the thing I love most. Stories.  

Which is an incredibly long-winded way of saying "that's why you see the name change up there in the header!" After deliberating for months, berating myself for yet another name change (what's this? 3? 4 now?), and being advised by some of the best girls in the whole wide world (love you ladies!), I went with "Oh, For the Love of Stories."  Yeah, it breaks Blogging Rule 101, no long names, but it's punny so it slides right? Playing off the idiom "oh, for the love of God!", I thought the play on words was a perfect expression of my passion for stories as well as making it easy to remember. What does that mean for my blog and my lovely readers? Nothing. This blog is still a part of my website By Kari Parker. You can find the blog right here by either going to "" or "", your choice. Content will remain generally the same. I'll still be blogging about what I want but it will be more focused on stories, reading them and reviewing them, and writing them, and telling them, and getting you to tell them to me. I hope all that's okay! I so look forward to sharing what I love with you <3

If you read all the way through to here, you tha real MVP!

Leave me a comment below telling me about when you finally found your "blogging niche" (or maybe you are still looking!).