Why You Should Binge-Watch Stranger Things

In case it isn't readily apparent, I'm the kind of person who wears things out. And I'm always down for a binge-watching session. Reasons #474 and #475 why Kari absolutely should not be given a Netflix subscription. (EXCEPT I NEEEDDD IT!) So the fact that I spent the last two days of last week binge-watching Stranger Things only stopping for mandatory "you're gonna fall over" sleep and other slightly more mandatory "you're gonna starve" meals... you guys, none of this should surprise you by now. Unless you're new here and then well it might, and I'm sorry I'm so weird *shifty eyes*

Now I could just tell you all about this show called Stranger Things and why I love it so, but I'm thinking "when in doubt, use gifs". Yes? Plus, I've done a post like this last March about The 100 and it was definitely one of the funnest posts I've written to date. I think the same might hold true here. Besides, I think you all liked it. Totally awkward if you didn't because well, here we go again.

The Stages of Bing-Watching Stranger Things

also known as "why you should be watching it right now" 

also known as "not very spoiler-y stuff but if you wanna go it completely blind, close your eyes!"


When it's midnight and you're looking for something to watch so you put on "that show everyone's talking about" and after the first 8 minutes, you just know you're hooked.

And whatever you thought you were going to do is instantly forgotten because WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??

When something happens at the end of an episode and you can barely wait the 30 seconds until the next one auto-starts.


When it's 2AM and you're about to start episode 3 but you think "maybe I should go to sleep" but Stranger Things just won't let you go. 

When you somehow make it out of your house the next morning but you can only think about what's going to happen next.

When someone disrupts you as you are thinking about said theories and you just want them to leave you alone.

When you can finally get back to the show and can barely contain your excitement.

When you start humming along to the intro credits because you're clearly obsessed but you don't care and hum even louder.


When someone asks if you'll be done watching soon and all you know is that you plan to see this through.

When that thing that you've been wanting to happen finally does and you thought you were ready but you weren't and it hits you right in the feels.

When you're hungry but refuse to leave the house so you scour the fridge for anything to satiate this hunger and come up with something random as hell


When your still grumbling stomach finally persuades you to go out for food so you grab the quickest thing you can find and get outta there because THUG LIFE

When someone catches you on your third straight episode and emotionally distraught at 4AM

When they suggest that perhaps you take a break and pick it up at a more reasonable hour, but that's just not an option.

When you're so delirious the next morning that you can barely dress yourself and wave awkwardly at passersby.

When someone comments on your dark circles and questionable appearance but ya friend's got ya back.

When the reality sets in that you've watched the last episode and you have so many questions and Netftix hasn't announced a second season yet.

I was right. This was such a fun post to put together. I'm thinking maybe I'll make this a regular thing. Maybe. I mean it's not like there's a limit or a shortage of things to binge-watch. #thelimitdoesnotexist 

Have you already devoured the too short 8 episode season of Stranger Things? You should fangirl with me about it in the comments! If you haven't, what are you still doing here?