Top Ten Tuesday: Duos

How was your weekend? I hope well! If you're subscribed to my newsletter (& hopefully you are!), then you know that although this weekend was great, it also threw me of schedule for FallOween. (You'd also have some freebie planner stickers too so go check yea inbox!) But, hey, we're fluid; we adjust. 

I haven't participated in Top Ten Tuesday in a couple weeks, so I'm excited to list some favorites again. This week's topic is authors we'd love to see write a book together. The book nerd in me wanted to put J.K Rowling and Robert Galbraith on this list as a pun because let's be real, no one pairs best with J.K Rowling but J.K Rowling. She's like Professor McGonagall :)

I die every time :) 

I die every time :) 

So bypassing the attempt at book humor, here are my 5 pairings (also check the FallOWeen link-up at the bottom of the post!):

Rainbow Rowell and Stephanie Perkins

Both of these women know how to write a story that makes my heart melt. They write romance so incredibly well and realistically that I swoon every time. Their books are interesting without being so jam-packed that you don't know what's going on. And their writing is clean yet still absolutely stunning. So if they wrote a novel together, I think I might explode from all the feels. 

Jane Austen and Emily Brontë 

Austen's writing is poetic and a little sarcastic, while Brontë's prose is dramatic and sweeping. I feel like Austen creates these phenomenal characters while Brontë's descriptions are to die for. I'm probably partial to this duo because they wrote my favorite classics, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights, but wouldn't they compliment each other? 

 E. Lockhart and Albert Camus

I know it seems like a weird combination, but I feel like their writing styles really compliment each other. Lockhart's novel We Were Liars and Camus' The Stranger are both written in almost clipped language and in a technique that takes the reader by surprise. And their narrators are either really dramatic or incredibly blasé and it throws us out of our element from the start. A book written by them (or maybe a Camus retelling written by Lockhart) would be trippy in the best ways. 

Anne Rice and Stephen King

When the Queen of Paranormal and the King of Horror join forces, only awesomeness of epic proportions could possible ensue. Right? Need I say more? 

F. Scott Fitzgerald & Ernest Hemingway

To be honest, I don't even know why these are on this list. I've only read one book by Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby) and bits and pieces of Hemingway's stuff, but both of their prose is just so damn gorgeous, any book from the two of them could only be mind-blowing. Also, they were friends and close enough that when Fizgerald's ex-wife claimed he was unfortunately endowed, Hemingway agreed to take a look and then confirmed that was, in fact, a lie. Bromance!

Because there wasn't a post on Friday, I'm including a link-up today so I can see what you've been up to this fall!

 What authors would you like to see a collaboration from?