The Quickest of Updates

You may have noticed that I've been absent here for quite some time. That would be entirely, mostly due to a few things I've been focusing on, including the launch of my new business over the past few months. Starting even a small business is deceptively difficult. Think Pandora's box or Lernaean's Hydra. Where one is put down, two more crop up in its place. It's be brilliant yet tiresome and still thrilling at the same time.

I will be returning entirely come the new year (I'll probably post a bit before then). I have a schedule and a plan of action and all these ideas, and I'm far too excited than any person should be about a little corner of the internet. I've been reading and thinking and discussing and I have so much to say, as always.

Oh and yes, my Halloween/Falloween details is still gracing the blog because I just cannot part with the aesthetic :)

Hope you're doing well!