A Year of Giveaways

I talk a big talk about stories. How much I love them, how much they mean to me, how much they could mean to you. All of which can be summarized as "let's devour stories together." I've even given away stories by hosting book-related giveaways on my blog and Instagram. And every time I host one I'm reminded of how much I take my ability to experience stories and books for granted. Many of the people who enter my giveaways (many of which are young adults/teens) seemed to be starved for stories. I get comments or read captions spanning from gratitude to frustration, but many of them boil down to something like: "OMG I want this book but I don't have the money." And I immediately want to throw books at people like Oprah tosses cars at her audience members. 

Then I had a thought -- I could sit here, grateful for the means I have to buy whatever book I want or I can do something about those who may not be able to.  And although there is absolutely NO shame in the first option, I'm going for the second, and the start of a new year seems like the perfect time. 

A Year of Giveaways is my pledge (a sort of movement, I guess, although that sounds rather stuffy and too official) to give the gift of stories to fellow readers. Reading is such a major part of my life. Many times books and the stories they held are the things that kept me hopeful, and wearing my new fandom shirt has been the highlight of my day. Gifting books is giving away hope, and happiness and good days, the kind that follow sleepless, read-past-my-bedtime nights.  

It's all pretty simple. Each month I'll choose something to give away whether that be a book or a bookish item (bookmark, fanwear, etc.) on Instagram. And at the end of the month, a winner will be chosen and another giveaway announced up until December.

A Year of Giveaways is my way of giving back all the precious memories my favorite books have given me over the years.

Collect stories like loose change; fill your life to the brim with riches.

Happy Weekend!