Review Policy

I am currently accepting review copies from publishers and authors. I prefer print copies, although I do accept e-books as well. Although I reserve the right to refuse reviewing any book, I write full non-spoiler reviews, frequently with a hidden spoiler section (see "Reviewing Methods" below), and I aim to be as honest, yet professional, as possible when reviewing and recommending books. I'm open to and willing to consider many different genres in fiction, but I tend to read mostly fantasy and contemporary. 

If you are an author or a publisher, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or the 'Contact' tab above. I'm excited to hear from you!

Rating System

I rate novels based on a few elements, including plot, characters, writing style and personal enjoyment. Although I do find that characters can carry a novel for me, I take all elements into account when assigning a rate. As a good book tends to keep me up well into the night, coffee cups are used to denote how much I enjoyed a book. The rating system is as follows: 

5 Coffee Cups = Up All Night! 

I stayed up all night reading this novel and so should you! I loved this book and I'd reread it in a heartbeat. It's got intrigue, great characters, an interesting yet easy-to-follow plot line, and wonderful writing and style. Expect that tomorrow morning will be a 5 cup kind of day, and it will be totally worth it.

*Note: you may see a "+" symbol next to my rating. It means that the book is an instant favorite. I wish I could wipe this story from my memory and discover it again for the first time. It blew my mind. It was perfection. 

4 Coffee Cups = Stay Up Late!

A girl needs her rest, even if it is only 3 hours 'til morning. I enjoyed this book very much and stayed up way later than I should have flipping pages. There may have been a few flaws, but it didn't detract from the characters, plot or writing so much that I didn't enjoy it. Totally rereadable.   

3 Coffee Cups = Just One More Chapter, Please.

I liked this book. It was good. It wasn't easy to put down. Although I enjoyed it, I don't think I'll reread it, but if you like 'x', you should check it out.  

2 Coffee Cups = Power Through It.  

This book was just okay. I really didn't like it, it's not my kind of book. If it's a series, I'm not interested in continuing to part two . ... Here's hoping the movie's better.

1 Coffee Cup = Go To Sleep.

Admittedly, it is very rare for me to dislike a book this much or to put a book down, but if I do, this is where it falls (I'm always sure to say that I didn't finish the book if this is the case). I regret reading this and/or it may have offended me in some way. Don't waste your time. Early to bed, early to rise.

Reviewing Methods

Because I review books in written form, I have to be very careful of spoilers. Yet, sometimes there's more to be said about a novel (whether standalone or part of series) that crosses into spoiler territory. Therefore, I use a multi-part method for my book reviews. 

In Part 1, I give a completely spoiler-free review. That will be followed a "spoilers ahead" banner, and then Part 2 (mainly for series), which will be for spoiler discussion up until the book at hand. And lastly Part 3, typed in white font, will be no holds barred. The intention is to cater to everyone - Part 1 for everyone, Part 2 for those who have read up to the current installment, and Part 3 for the fangirls (and boys) who wanna read all my spoiler-y thoughts. 

You can take a look at my previous book reviews to get a feel for my reviewing style > here