Stories are an essential part of my make up. Like the foundation of a home or the broth of chicken noodle soup. I'd be spare ingredients and piles of bricks without them. If stories hold me together, then storytelling is in my bones. So it's no surprise that when I feel picked dry, I always end up back at writing.

I write about diverse characters, characters who love love and wield death, those who'd rather laugh than breathe and those who rarely crack a smile, characters hiding from their pasts and others embracing their futures full throttle. And all of them are way too sassy for their own good. 

Here you'll find everything I've written and many more I'm working on.   


"i feel infinite" series

Writing a story is a long laborious process of drafting and editing to perfection before allowing the public to finally see your work. And although I love the process (most days!), I also wanted to share my words more frequently and freely. So in May of 2015, I began the "I Feel Infinite" series on Instagram, drawing inspiration from those same words uttered by a literary favorite Charlie from Perks of Being A Wallflower. 'I Feel Infinite' is a collection of my original (and sometimes poetic) prose that I posted on Instagram in hopes to connect with readers and other writers. Here are some of my favorites pieces I've written:


the worst thing you write is better than the best thing you did not write.